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Tuki from Next Move Games - Board Game Revolution


Tuki from Next Move Games

Feb 1, 2019 – 12:08pm GMT-0500


Next Move Games is introducing their next release, Tuki, which will be released in June 2019. Created by Grzegorz Rejchtman, designer of the famous and popular Ubongo series, and illustrated by Chris Quilliams, Tuki has a simple premise – build an inukshuk according to the die’s symbol. The challenging part is the limited pieces players have to construct the inukshuk with. Players must be creative and use the three-dimensional pieces in multiple ways, such as to counterbalance other pieces or, even build on top of existing pieces. There should be no limit to your creativity and imagination, but there will always be a solution! Players also have the ability to choose a difficulty level making Tuki a great game for families and gamers alike